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Broadband Update:

July 2011- Industry Day.

Northern Fells Broadband have been selected to give a presentation to prospective suppliers.  Members of the committee will speak to an invited audience and then discuss with them how we can ensure that the parishioners of all seven parishes in the northern fells can be supplied with better broadband.  If you have not yet registered your interest then please do so by clicking through to the NFB website now. (The page will open in a separate window)

To see the newsletter click here

Northern Fells Broadband continues to work to bring a better broadband service to our communities.  It is essential that we show interest and enthusiasm if we are going to succeed.  There is now a website where you can register your interest. See and register your interest.

Better Broadband Meeting, Thursday, 10th March 2011.

The Millennium Room was full last Thursday as people from Rosley and Westward gathered to listen to an interesting presentation about one means of getting better broadband to the community.................(read the rest of this article

ONE FOR THE DIARY: - Thursday 10th March 2011 7.30pm Rosley Village Hall.

This is a public meeting to discuss bringing Better Broadband to Rosley and Westward. It's an opportunity to learn more............(read the rest of this article)

16thDecember 2010 At a meeting held on the 14th Allerdale Planning committee rejected the application to erect a windspeed monitor at Reathwaite.  To find out more go to the Windfarm Concern pages

Better broadband is coming our way! Click on the link at the side to find out more about it all.


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Rosley is a small scattered farming community just north of the Lake District National Park and close to the Scottish border. Ten miles south-west of Carlisle it tucks neatly into the triangle of Caldbeck, Wigton and Dalston. Rosley village has two main centres of population: they are known locally as top Rosley, situated on the B5305 and Rosley crossroads. Top Rosley is largely residential with a number of dwellings having been added in recent years around the courtyard of a former farm. Rosley crossroads is some mile and a half away; here we find the village hall, the church and the school nestling among a few more houses. There are a number of other dwellings and farms surrounding the two centres.

An aerial view of Holy Trinity Church, the village hall and the school


The village of Curthwaite lies about one mile from the school and hall and now has the only remaining pub in the parish. At one time Rosley boasted several inns and ale houses but demographic changes have caused these to close. The Hope and Anchor, known as The Camp, being the last in 1991.

Rosley is linked to Carlisle and the north by the A595 running through its northern tip and to Penrith and the south by the B5305 which passes east-west en route to Wigton which is the nearest town servicing our community.

Westward Parish Council is responsible for local matters. Cumbria County Council is responsible for education, transport, development control and highway maintenance.  Allerdale is the borough council with responsibilities for other civic provision. The people of Rosley are represented on both councils by Mr Duncan Fairbairn. Rosley is part of Bowness, Thursby and Caldbeck Neighbourhood Forum.

We are also one of seven parishes which forms the Northern Fells Group: its aim is to identify unmet health and social needs of residents in a very rural area and to work with local people to find solutions. The group runs the Northern Fells Minibus Service, the Youth Development Initiative, the Lend a Hand Group and a benefits Awareness and Advice Scheme.

Top Rosley from Broadmoor


The People of Rosley

There are approximately 180 households in the parish:  and a population of about 500 which is made up of a good distribution of all the age groups, a fact which helps to maintain the general dynamism of the community.

As with many rural communities close to larger centres of population many of the residents work outwith the parish,  in Wigton, our nearest market town, in Carlisle, our nearest city,  or further afield. However Rosley is by no means a dormitory village and a number of businesses thrive within its environs.  Naturally agriculture continues to provide most of the employment within the boundaries of the parish. 

Rosley lies in a very fertile area and many farms have long histories.  Mixed farming is common although dairy farming predominates.  However the changing face of agriculture, exacerbated by the effects of the Foot and Mouth outbreak in 2001, have had a dramatic impact on the size and number of farms the land now supports.  Some people have retired from farming but retain land they can rent out, others have seized this opportunity to extend the land they can farm thereby gaining in economy of scale.  Fewer farms now tend the land and some of our old farm houses are now domestic houses surrounded by new development creating new communities and allowing people to move into the area and enjoy the pleasures of living in our rural setting.



See our separate page for a list of businesses operating in and around Rosley.

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